Edible 3D printed ecosystem – 3D-printed food with living organisms by Chloé Rutzerveld

Eindhoven-based food designer Chloé Rutzerveld combines food, gardening, and 3d printing into a concept project called Edible Growth, The basket-like 3D-printed outer casing is made from dough containing a mixture of seeds, spores and yeast, after a few days, which will start to sprout and poke out of the small holes on top and the flavor also develops, finally, it will transform into a fresh, nutritious and tasty snack as Rutzerveld claims. For the reason of 3d printing technology and issues of food safety, over the next couple years this concept still needs more research. “A lot of people think industrialized production methods are unnatural or unhealthy,” she says. “I want to show that it doesn’t have to be the case. You can really see that it’s natural. It’s actually really healthy and sustainable also at the same time.”



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