Collection of adorable animals who caught our eyes online

They’re really popular animal stars online, perhaps some of these cute animals you have seen before, say, Lil Bub, the Perma-Kitten, a runt of cat who was born with several genetic mutations, here we bring them together in one place. As we all known, animal is the friend of human, we should love and protect our animal friends, of course, and for good reason.

Lil Bub, the Perma-Kitten

cute-adorable-animals-lilbub (1) cute-adorable-animals-lilbub (2) cute-adorable-animals-lilbub (3) cute-adorable-animals-lilbub

Boo, the Pomeranian

cute-adorable-animals-boo (1) cute-adorable-animals-boo (2) cute-adorable-animals-boo

Beast, the Hungarian sheep dog like a running mop

cute-adorable-animals-beast (1) cute-adorable-animals-beast (2) cute-adorable-animals-beast

Maddie, the Coonhound

cute-adorable-animals-maddie (1) Collection of photos of dog stands on random objects, America  - 23 Feb 2012 cute-adorable-animals-doggies

Darcy, the Hedgehog

cute-adorable-animals-hedgehog-hedgepig (1) cute-adorable-animals-hedgehog-hedgepig (2) cute-adorable-animals-hedgehog-hedgepig
Hamilton the Hipster Cat

cute-adorable-animals-hamilton (1) cute-adorable-animals-hamilton (2) cute-adorable-animals-hamilton

Jimmy Choo, the Bull Terrier

cute-adorable-animals-jimmy (1) cute-adorable-animals-jimmy (2) cute-adorable-animals-jimmy

Trotter, the French Bulldog

cute-adorable-animals-dog-totter (1) cute-adorable-animals-dog-totter (2) cute-adorable-animals-dog-totter


Menswear Dog, Shiba Inu

cute-adorable-animals-mens (1) cute-adorable-animals-mens (2) cute-adorable-animals-mens

Harlow (the Weimaraner) and Sage (the Dachshund)

cute-adorable-animals-harlow cute-adorable-animals-harlow-dog (1) cute-adorable-animals-dog-sage

Daisy, the tabby

Bowl Cat cute-adorable-animals-daisy (2) cute-adorable-animals-daisy (3) cute-adorable-animals-daisy (4) cute-adorable-animals-daisy


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