Beautiful photo shot of ballet dancers practicing on the streets of NY in motion

Omar Roble, a Puerto Rico born and New York based photographer, set against the backdrop of the streets of New York and captured elegant photos of ballet dancers performing on the streets of New York City, who come from the American Ballet Theatre, The Dance Theatre of Harlem, and so on. “Ballet dancers make us feel as if their movements were truly effortless. This while pushing their bodies to the very extreme of what is humanly possible. It is that grace and elegance which mesmerizes us.” Said the artist on blog.

new-york-streets-ballet-dancers-1 new-york-streets-ballet-dancers-2 new-york-streets-ballet-dancers-3 new-york-streets-ballet-dancers-4 new-york-streets-ballet-dancers-5 new-york-streets-ballet-dancers-6 new-york-streets-ballet-dancers-7 new-york-streets-ballet-dancers-8 new-york-streets-ballet-dancers-9 new-york-streets-ballet-dancers-10 new-york-streets-ballet-dancers-11 new-york-streets-ballet-dancers-12 new-york-streets-ballet-dancers-13 new-york-streets-ballet-dancers-14 new-york-streets-ballet-dancers-15 new-york-streets-ballet-dancers-16 new-york-streets-ballet-dancers-17 new-york-streets-ballet-dancers-18 new-york-streets-ballet-dancers-19 new-york-streets-ballet-dancers-20



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