Ten wonderful bathroom designs and decoration ideas

We often plan our bathroom decoration per the availability of space and allowances, however, we should give a needed attention and time in it from artistic angel. There’re 10 brilliant bathroom design ideas that will inspire us to beautify the health-related place for our daily hygienic routines, rituals and relaxing.

Hammock-Like Bathtub designed by Splinter Works

bathroom-decoration-design-ideasbathroom-decoration-design-ideas (8)

Ammonite Washbasin designed by HighTech Design

bathroom-decoration-design-ideas (10)

Moss Rug designed by Stern McCafferty  & Image source: hraggle

bathroom-decoration-design-ideas (12)bathroom-decoration-design-ideas (11)

Patterned Sink designed by omvivo

bathroom-decoration-design-ideas (13)
Aquarium Sink

bathroom-decoration-design-ideas (14)


Arctic Sink designed by KO KO Architects

bathroom-decoration-design-ideas (1)bathroom-decoration-design-ideas (2)

Yellow Submarine Bathroom

bathroom-decoration-design-ideas (3)bathroom-decoration-design-ideas (4)

Image source: Anthony Lindsey

Kub Basin designed by  Victor Vasilev

bathroom-decoration-design-ideas (5)bathroom-decoration-design-ideas (6)

Glass Floor Bathroom

bathroom-decoration-design-ideas (7)

Image source: Hernandez Silva

Amethyst Sink

bathroom-decoration-design-ideas (9)

Image source:  imgur.com


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