Netherlands looks like a purple dream in August

Netherlands is famous for tulips and windmills, however, in mid August, blossoming heather plants all over the country will impress us as well, people will have a sense of walking around in a dreamy purple world, especially when there’s a morning mist involved. Dutch photographer Albert captures this stunning scenery, “In this series I’m showing the beauty of the month August in the Netherlands. You do not only have to come here in April/May (which is the tulip season). August is perfectly fine too! All of these shots were taken on early morning.” Said the passionate photographer.

mystery-morning-beautiful-netherlands-landcapes-pictures beautiful-netherlands-landcapes-pictures-serenity character-beautiful-netherlands-landcapes-pictures dutch-africa-beautiful-netherlands-landcapes-pictures mushroom-beautiful-netherlands-landcapes-pictures purple-heaven-beautiful-netherlands-landcapes-pictures purple-hills-beautiful-netherlands-landcapes-pictures rising-layers-beautiful-netherlands-landcapes-pictures the-old-hag-beautiful-netherlands-landcapes-pictures trees-of-silence-beautiful-netherlands-landcapes-pictures



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