Creepy Halloween food – zombie mouth muffins

SemadarG, or Sam put together fondant and food coloring to create terrifying zombie mouth cupcake perfectly for coming Halloween, horrifying, yet tasty.

funny-halloween-pastry-zombie-mouth-muffin-cakediy-halloween-pastry-zombie-mouth-muffin-cupcakes (3)

Place “Gums” tubes on “skin tissue” base

diy-halloween-pastry-zombie-mouth-muffin-cupcakes (4)

Place ivory fondant to the “gums” as teeth

diy-halloween-pastry-zombie-mouth-muffin-cupcakes (6)diy-halloween-pastry-zombie-mouth-muffin-cupcakes (5)

Using red food coloring and Vodka or lemon extract as blood.

diy-halloween-pastry-zombie-mouth-muffin-cupcakes (2) diy-halloween-pastry-zombie-mouth-muffin-cupcakes (1)




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