Adorable baby pandas oepn to the public for the first time

The giant panda is one of the world’s most exotic and endangered species, it can be found only in China. In 2016, the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (CRBGPB) has been breeding 27 panda cubs, which hits a record high since its establishment. After nearly 30 years of development, the base is now the world’s largest captive panda breeding population. September, 29, 23 cubs born in 2016 are all lying together on a platform of 5~6 square meters and open to the public for the first time.

lovely-cute-giant-panda-cubs-baby-sleeping-together-1 lovely-cute-giant-panda-cubs-baby-sleeping-together-6 lovely-cute-giant-panda-cubs-baby-sleeping-together-4 lovely-cute-giant-panda-cubs-baby-sleeping-together-5 lovely-cute-giant-panda-cubs-baby-sleeping-together-7lovely-cute-giant-panda-cubs-baby-sleeping-together-2 lovely-cute-giant-panda-cubs-baby-sleeping-together-3


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